About Me

My name is Jennifer Stienstra and I'm a writer and narrative designer. I'm currently working on a metroidvania called Glö PhloxIn the past, I've created a variety of narrative-driven games and visual novels.


I also have dived into game accessibility, learning all I can about how to make better experiences for disabled gamers and sharing what I know with other developers. In June 2019 I had the opportunity to do a talk to organize and talk at a Game Accessibility Mini-Summit hosted by Dames Making Games and Gamma Space about subtitles and I've also recently written a thesis on the topic, and how our industry can change in the future. 


Prior to entering the field of game development, I received a diploma in Print Journalism, gaining experience with different kinds of writing including articles, press releases, scripts, and short stories. I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design that I earned with Honours, where I learned how to make games and create narratives with mechanics and gameplay in mind.


Past collaborations: HP and Shadow Factory


Favourite things: Sailor Moon, Strawberry Milkshakes, & Sushi

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