Booyo Park .png

Roles: Project Manager and Designer.


Booyo Park is a Mixed Reality "virtual petting zoo" experience. Thanks to the use of a headset and leap motion, users are able to see and play with little floating creatures called Booyos.  


Booyo Park was developed over the course of 8 months and was made in partnership with HP, who provided us with the HP Omen backpack computer and the Windows Mixed Reality headset. We also partnered with Shadow Factory, an AR/MR/VR production company based in Hong Kong. 


This experience was created in response to a design challenge issued to our team by Shadow Factory. The challenge was to create something cool and engaging that allows users to move around without the restriction of cables


Working on this project was interesting, exciting, and challenging. None of the team members had experience using backpack computers or working in Mixed Reality so much time was spent figuring out what we could do with the tech provided. After many weeks of prototyping, ideation, and more prototyping, Booyo Park was born.


So far the game has received praise at different events, including the Gaming Expo at the Oakville Public Library, and the annual College Day at Queen's Park. Booyo Park was showcased at Level Up 2019 in Toronto on Wednesday, April 17th.