Appeeling Personality (2018)


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Appeeling Personality is a game where you enter an eating contest and leave with a banana as your date. As you become more hungry, you begin to hallucinate and faces appear on the very bananas you're meant to eat. This game was made in 48 hours for TOJam 2018, and has since been featured on several YouTube playthroughs and an article on Kotaku.  

Roles: Writing, Editing.


Monster Girls Gaynerations: Ghoulfriends for Life (2016)


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Monster Girls Gaynerations is a gay dating sim made in two weeks for an assignment. Cursed to be a ghost forever, your only hope to break the spell is the four monster girls who volunteered to help you. Choose between a werewolf, a witch, a slime girl, and a medusa. Make the right choices and perhaps you'll find true love along the way. 

Roles: Writing, Editing, Narrative Design.


Ghost Guide (2018)

Ghost Guide is a narrative game that combines a visual novel with stealth mechanics. You play as Death, befriending the ghosts of the recently deceased and guiding them safely to the afterlife. This demo was made by 4 people for documentation and project planning classes.

Download Documentation Here

Roles: Narrative Designer, Writer, Project Lead

Download Here 


Artificial (2016)

Artificial is a sci-fi visual novel in which you play a half-human/half-alien cop trying to solve the murder of the President. While on the case, discover an insidious secret.

Roles: Writing, Editing, Implementation.

Download Here (Select 1920x1080)