Level Concepts
Boxy Platfomer

I was tasked with creating a platformer using the Boxy asset pack. I had to ensure that there was a gradual increase in difficulty. I did this with moving platforms increasing number of enemies encountered.

Enemies are introduced early. The player only faces one at a time.

At the beginning, players are taught to use the box to maneuver obstacles. This skill becomes relevant later on throughout the course.

School CTF Unreal

This was an assignment in which I had to replicate a part of the school and turn it into a Capture The Flag grey-box map in Unreal Engine. I had to ensure that there were multiple paths, two bases, and two defense areas, and pick ups spread evenly around the map.

Blue Base

Arcade Racer

My partner, Alex Valickis, and I made a racing game. We had to create a track that had a central theme and three distinct areas. Each area was required to have something unique about them. This map has obstacles, ramps, and diverging paths. 

Space Area

Moon Area

Earth Area