Monster Girls Gaynerations: Ghoulfriends for Life (2016)

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Roles: Narrative Designer and Writer.


Monster Girls Gaynerations is a gay dating sim made in two weeks for an assignment. Cursed to be a ghost forever, your only hope to break the spell is the four monster girls who volunteered to help you. Choose between a werewolf, a witch, a slime girl, and a medusa. Make the right choices and perhaps you'll find true love along the way. 


 This dating sim was originally an assignment with a two-week deadline. Our team was given the opportunity to make whatever we wanted, so we decided to make a dating sim. In the two weeks of initial development, we went from conception to creation, writing, making art, and putting everything together.


Under the encouragement of our professor, we began to submit the game to different events and conferences, such as QGCon, Bit Bazaar, and TCAF. Monster Girls Gaynerations gave us the opportunity to host a dating sim workshop at Gamma Space where we helped developers make their first dating sim. Dames Making Games, a non-profit organization in Toronto that supports women and nonbinary game developers, had supported us since we began showing our game, and we were honoured to run the workshop as one of their events.