Accessibility Through Words (Third Person Article)

Subtitles are a part of almost every game nowadays, save for visual novels or text adventures because text is already part of the game itself, and they’re pretty damn awesome. They’re an important form of accessibility, allowing players, particularly those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, to enjoy games to the fullest potential.

However, subtitles are only truly accessible when they can actually be read. Sometimes, subtitles will appear to be way too small or they blend into the background enough that they aren’t readable. Other times, there’s so much text that appears at one time, the player can’t read it all before the scene has moved on. As a result, crucial information might end up being lost. This can impact deaf/hard-of-hearing players even more if they rely on the subtitles to know what’s happening. When the subtitles fail in their primary objective, which is to make the game more accessible, this can have a negative impact on those who need them and have a poor experience with the game.

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