2018: A Banner (Saga 3) Year (Third Person Article)

The release of The Banner Saga 3 meant the conclusion of a series four years in the making, and it couldn’t have been a better ending. The series has been known for its intriguing and heart-wrenching high stakes plot that is influenced by player choice, and The Banner Saga 3 continues on that tradition.

The game continues to feature its Oregon Trail-like gameplay, mixed with turn-based combat. In terms of mechanics, some new characters, including dredge, who had been the enemies of the previous two installments, are now playable. A new feature that involves waves of enemies and a boss at the end of the battles adds a twist to the gameplay. Players also have the options of fleeing the battle if they didn’t want to endure the next wave of enemies, or if they ran out of characters that could fight back. Personally, I never felt the need to do flee since I played on the easiest difficulty, so that sense of urgency was lost for me in the turn-based combat. However, the decisions made during the journey portions of the game certainly did make everything feel scary and urgent.

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