Adventures with Appeeling Personality

Appeeling Personality is a visual novel that doubles as a dating sim and an eating contest. The player has entered an eating contest but as they are hungry, they begin to hallucinate the bananas before them have faces and are talking. Depending on if the player likes what the banana says, they can either eat them or start a relationship.

This game was made in 48 hours at TOJam 2018. The original idea, making a banana dating sim, was not actually meant to be final. When applying to be a part of TOJam, the application requires the game idea the team will make, but we didn’t know at the time what we were going to make, so we put down banana dating sim and decided that we would come up with something else at the game jam. However, when it was time jam, we couldn’t come up with any ideas for a fun game, so we decided to default on our original idea. We had nothing to lose, and the idea was too funny.

Our gamble paid off, and in 2 days we created an odd, but entertaining visual novel that resulted in numerous online playthroughs on youtube, including one playthrough that had over 500k views. The game even garnered enough attention to have article on Kotaku written about it. Appeeling Personality has also been showcased at several events, like MCX, Bit Bazaar, and the TOJam arcade.

Overall, it's been crazy to see Appeeling Personality, a game we made as a joke for a game jam in 2 days, explode on the internet. It's been amazing getting to see people playing the game and having as much fun playing it as we did making the game.

#appeelingpersonality #postmortem

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