Our Journey with Monster Girls Gaynerations

It's been 2 years since I and several friends created Monster Girls Gaynerations: Ghoulfriends for Life. In those two years, a lot has happened, a lot of things I didn't expect, thanks to this game.

This dating sim was originally an assignment with a two week deadline. Our team was given the opportunity to make whatever we wanted, so we decided to make a dating sim. In the two weeks of initial development we went from conception to creation, writing, making art, and putting everything together.

Because the chance to do whatever we wanted was rare, we decided to make a lesbian dating sim. One that featured monster girls. Our thought process was "hey, why not?" so we went for it.

Above is images of our brainstorming process. We came up with several ideas before settling down with monster girls romancing a ghost player character.

Under the encouragement of our professor, we began to submit the game to different events and conferences, such as QGCon, Bit Bazaar and TCAF. This game opened many doors for us, as it gave us opportunities we hadn’t had before.

Monster Girls Gaynerations gave us the opportunity to host a dating sim workshop at Gamme Space where we helped developers make their first dating sim. Dames Making Games, a non-profit organization in Toronto that supports women and nonbinary game developers, had supported us since we began showing our game, and we were honoured to run the workshop as one of their events.

We've had an amazing journey with Monster Girls Gaynerations. We've gotten so many opportunities and met so amazing people along the way. This game has taught me more about not only the process of making a game, but also the process of showing it around in different places and conferences, and promoting the game online.

#monstergirlsgaynerations #postmortem

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