Queerness in AAA: E3 2018 (Third Person Article)

Another year, another E3, and this one was particularly amazing. Lots of games were revealed and shown off, and the hype train certainly took off. However, there was one thing that made this E3 stand out from previous years, which is how absolutely and unabashedly gay it was.

For starters, games featuring queer characters is nothing new. Queerness in games is not unusual in the indie game scene, with games such as Dream Daddy or Gone Home, but the AAA industry had fallen a little behind. Some games, like the Mass Effect series, for example, would prominently feature queer characters, and other games would hint at characters being queer, but it was nowhere near to the same calibre as indie games. Considering how many AAA games come out every year, few actually had any representation of any kind, and if there was, you’d have to look hard enough. But not this time.

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